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A ‘chokha’ is a distinctive traditional men’s garment made of wool that can be either black or white and occasionally claret.

A long time ago, Georgian people denied the national style of dress in favor of European dress and for years the only place where the national garment could be seen was at Georgian folk group performances. For our ancestors it was an indispensable piece of clothing, but nowadays if someone appeared in public dressed in a chokha people would most likely peg the individual as a member of a musical or dance ensemble, or person who belongs to the societies of "Chokhosani”. The "Chokhosani” wear the chokha and adhere to a certain, patriotic code of conduct and ideology. In the Russian language, a chokha is called ‘cherkeska’.

According to the free encyclopedia there are three kinds of chokha: Khevsuruli, Kartl-Kachetian and General Caucasian.

The Khevsuruli chokha was worn in the Khevsureti province of Geor ... Read more »

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Georgia`s rich and savoury cuisine is the natural extension of a fertile, mineral-rich landscape fed by the pure waters of the Caucasus Mountains. Due to the antiquity of the culture here it is hardly surprising Georgia has developed such a strikingly original cuisine. Not only it is a perfect accompaniment to the rich viniculture here, we make a point in showing it off to our guests in elaborate feasts we call "Supras".

Most of our food is organic, and the ingredients from our incredibly varied cuisine profit from the mild climate that provides fresh vegetables for three quarters of the year - and we have the best Tomato`s you have ever tasted. Numerous aromatic wild mountain herbs give our dishes an uncommonly exotic aroma. Rich in walnuts, pomegranate ate vegetable pates, organic fresh meats, wild herbs and love of garlic, our cuisine provides a superb accompaniment to the endless supply of wine. By the w ... Read more »

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The great Georgian scientist Ivane Javakhishvili said about the alphabet linear system: "The Georgian alphabet ancient form and its gradual evolution had not yet been studied and still attempts were made at solving such complex questions as, for instance, its origin. People, who had specially studied the Georgian alphabet, were not adequately equipped with either the Georgian or other language script and its graphical evolution knowledge." The formula found by Georgian scientists have explained the system of Georgian alphabet as well as of others. The same formula confirms the ancient cuneiform notebooks and their cursive system - it has become possible to decipher Sumerian clay tables and stamps dating back to 5 000 year B.C., the ones, which had not been explained by the world Sumerologists. This alphabet contains the pantheon of the deities of the Universe, a gathering, initiating all religious trends of humankind.
The Georgian majuscu ... Read more »

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Georgia is the oldest wine producing region of the world. The fertile valleys of the South Caucasus, which Georgia straddles, are believed by many archaeologists to be the source of the world`s first cultivated grapevines and Neolithic wine producti on, over 7000 years ago. Scientists have discovered the world"s oldest wine - a vintage produced 8,000 years ago. The find pushes back the history of wine by several hundred years. New discoveries show how Neolithic man was busy making red wine in Shulaveri (modern Georgia). Although no liquid wine from the period has survived, scientists have now found and tested wine residues discovered on the inner surfaces of 8,000-year-old ceramic storage jars.
Biochemical tests on the ancient pottery wine jars from Georgia are showing that at this early period humans were deliberately adding anti-bacterial preservatives to grape juice so that the resulting wine could be kept for lon ... Read more »

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The recently discovered Dmanisi hominid in the foothills of the lesser Caucasus provides a remarkable 1.8 million year old link with humankind"s first transition from Africa to Europe. It is no surprise to find numerous Stone Age settlements and archeological sites spread through the Georgian Heartland. Recent excavations of Dmanisi have revealed an extraordinary record of the earliest hominid dispersal beyond Africa. Several hominid individuals (4 skulls, 3 of them with maxillas, 4 mandibles, 16 isolated teeth and 24 post-cranial elements), along with abundant well-preserved remains of fossil animals and stone artifacts have been found. In 2003-04 fields season another new hominid mandible, with fascinating pathologies having implications for the evolution of human disease and also social behavior has been discovered. This is the richest and most complete collection of indisputable early Homo remains outside of Af ... Read more »

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The Land of God

"When the God divided the Earth among the people, Georgians were late because of their traditional feast, and by the moment of their arrival the entire world had already been divided. When the God asked them to what they had drunk Georgians just answered:"To you, oh Lord, to us, to peace". The God liked their answer. So told them that although all lands were taken, he reserved a small plot for himself and now he decided to give it to Georgians. According to the God the land was incomparable in its beauty and all people would admire and cherish it forever ".

Jason and the Argonauts

The first state mentioned as situated in Georgia was Colchis, an ancient kingdom on the Black Sea. The first mention of Colchis by the Greek authors Pindar and Aeschylus dates back a thousand years B.C. It also appears in the myth of the Golden Fleece ... Read more »
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In the land of the Golden Fleece, the cooking of the republic of Georgia is usually accompanied by wine. Just as Georgia was once the orchard of Russia, the czars and the Soviets, it was also the vineyard.

On the silk road between Asia and Europe, the caravans used to stop at Tiflis. Now called Tbilissi, it’s filled with the scent of coriander, basil and tarragon, not to mention its famous walnut sauce. Walnuts find their way into all kinds of sauces and seasonings, often crushed with saffron.

Visitors are surprised and charmed by the natural flavors of products from the Georgian countryside: fruits and vegetables with forgotten flavors, traditional dairy products like matsoni (buffalo milk yogurt), and meats that form the basis of the simple yet refined traditional cooking. Everywhere, and for a modest price, you can treat yourself to a simple flat bread with cheese, still hot from the oven, a Georgian ... Read more »

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Georgian people are famous for their hospitality. They respect guests and are good at being friendly and generous while entertaining them, especially in their own home. They give parties in honor of certain respectable people, or for a special events like a wedding, a birthday, a housewarming, Christmas, Easter, etc. If you are invited to one of those parties try not to miss one as it is supposed to be a real performance put up by the toast master, or the " tamada. "
The tamada acts like a director of the party announcing traditional toasts to peace, health, happiness, well-being , etc. Tamadas can make exceptional toasts. Guests at the party are like actors responding to the toasts and often with their own interpretation.
So, a toast-master ought to be eloquent, intelligent, smart, sharp-witted and quick-thinking, with a good sense of humor because v ... Read more »

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