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Dmansis Hominid - First Europeans

The recently discovered Dmanisi hominid in the foothills of the lesser Caucasus provides a remarkable 1.8 million year old link with humankind"s first transition from Africa to Europe. It is no surprise to find numerous Stone Age settlements and archeological sites spread through the Georgian Heartland. Recent excavations of Dmanisi have revealed an extraordinary record of the earliest hominid dispersal beyond Africa. Several hominid individuals (4 skulls, 3 of them with maxillas, 4 mandibles, 16 isolated teeth and 24 post-cranial elements), along with abundant well-preserved remains of fossil animals and stone artifacts have been found. In 2003-04 fields season another new hominid mandible, with fascinating pathologies having implications for the evolution of human disease and also social behavior has been discovered. This is the richest and most complete collection of indisputable early Homo remains outside of Africa with good stratigraphic context, now well dated to about 1.75 million years ago. Skulls, found in the Dmanisi region of Georgia and thoroughly studied in France prove that the first Europeans came from this territory around 1.75 million years ago. This fact is accepted and acknowledged by scholars and scientists all over the world. After this discovery it is without any doubt that Georgia is a motherland of the first European. 

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